Malaysia Pest Control Services

Two weeks ago, while i was hanging out with my friends, we chat a lot and he told me that his father’s company which is a logistic company that deliver food for some company is facing some problem. He told me that their company lost a lot of money due to pest control problems. There are insect eating up their deliveries before it is being deliver to their client. This problem made their company loses RM200,000.

So, I suggested him to get a better pest control company. I recommended him the best Malaysia Fumigation company, Excel Fumigation Sdn. Bhd. Excel Fumigation Sdn Bhd is  a Fumigation Solution Provider that offers environment friendly fumigation services which has certification from Specialist. They also provides pest control services against general pest (termite, rodents, mosquitoes, flies, ant and other stored pests) to residential , corporate and commercial sectors.

My friend contacted the company immediately and Excel Fumigation came to their company and carried out the pest control service. After the service, he took a few picture and show me. Hope that the pest control service will help them recover from their problem.

Malaysia Fumigation Service

Malaysia Fumigation Service provided by Excel Fumigation Sdn Bhd

Pest Control Services

Pest control service is on process

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