Electroflow Energy savings System

Paying too much for your electricity bill?? Company electricity bill exceeded your budget?? Electric voltage of yours is not stable?? You should consider the product of  Elect Energy Technology (M) Sdn Bhd. ElectroFlow™ offers GUARANTEED saving of up to 34% of your electricity.

 Elect Energy Technology (M) Sdn Bhd is established in year 2004 in Malaysia. It is a company which sells energy saving technology in Malaysia. The energy savings technology have a lot of useful features such as Voltage Improvement and Stabilization, voltage Three-Phase Balancing, Surge and Transient Suppression and there are more Power Quality Systems features which can be viewed at Electroflow official website.

Recently, they have launched their new product which is Power Analyzer – Harmonitor 3000. It is a device that able to examine the true condition of any electrical system. It can also accurately measuring voltage (V), current (A), power factor (%) true power (kW), and apparent power (KVA), along with voltage and current harmonics in electrical systems. 

Power Analyzer - HarmonitorT 3000

Power Analyzer - HarmonitorT 3000






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