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Air Cleaner Solution

Posted in various on October 21st, 2009 by admin – Comments Off on Air Cleaner Solution

Malaysia is a under developing country. Recently, it is growing very very fast… Numbers of buildings and cars are obviously increasing. It caused problems that affect the nature and human. One of the serious problem is air pollution. Towards this problem, there is air cleaner solution which provided by IQAir Malaysia. IQAir® Malaysia is  an authorized IQAir® distributor in Malaysia. IQAir has been a specialist in the field of indoor air filtration for close to 45 years. In the 1990s, the IQAir product line was developed and is now recognized as the world’s No.1 range of mobile high-efficiency air cleaning systems. Recently, they have launched their new products.

Below is one of  their newly launched product:

IQAir Room Air Purifiers

IQAir Room Air Purifiers

This is IQAIR room air purifier, IQAIR GC MULTIGAS